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A lot of research work is being done in our Real-time systems laboratory which we hardly manage to do by ourselves. This is why we invite our students to co-operate in the implementation of (or parts of) projects in the framework of their seminar works or final projects in the framework of (as well as beside) their studying activities.

We appreciate any help from You and we shall try to achieve mutual satisfaction by:

  1. offering You the opportunity to work in a qualified research team, who has achieved comparatively great international recognition, hence improving the quality of Your study;
  2. by entering the research work early You can do some research work for Your final project even before completing all Your exams and ensure Yourself an early graduation:
  3. if the partial results are interesting to the research community You are offered the opportunity to present Your work at the annual international conference ERK (Electrotechnics and Computer science) in Portorož;
  4. You have the opportunity to continue Your study on the post-graduate level;
  5. You may visit our partner university or research group in the framework of our faculty's international students and researchers exchange program.

If You would like to join us in our research work, contact M. Colnaric.

You are invited!

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