dr. Domen Verber

Assistant Professor DR. DOMEN VERBER




Univeza v Mariboru,
Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko,
Smetanova 17, 2000 Maribor,
Cabinet:   F-207
Telephone:   (02) 220 74 34
Fax:   (02) 220 72 72
E-mail:   domen.verber@um.si
Office hrs:   Tuesday, 9.30-11.30, F-207


Software development methodologies
Real-time systems
Programming languages and compilers


IFATIS Intelligent Fault Tolerant Control in Integrated Systems (IST-2001-32122)
Zanesljivost vgrajenih krmilnih sistemov (L2-3446, 1.7.01 - 30.6.04)
Snovanje vgrajenih krmilnih sistemov (J2-9043, 1.1.97 - 31.12.99)
Prenovitev procesov zaradi implementacije sistema kakovosti (L2-7706, 1.1.96 - 30.6.98)

Publications and papers

Supporting high integrity and behavioural predictability of hard real-time systems. With Matjaž Colnarič and Wolfgang A. Halang. Informatica, Special Issue on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems, 19(1):59--69, February 1995.
Design of embedded hard real-time applications with predictable behaviour. With Matjaž Colnarič and Wolfgang A. Halang. In Proceedings of the First IEEE Workshop on Real-Time Applications, New York, pages 193--197, Los Alamitos, May 1993. IEEE Computer Society Press.
A tool for estimation of Real-Time process execution. With Matjaž Colnarič. V Proceedings of Software Engineering for Real-Time Applications, Cirencester, 1993.
Real-time aspects of designing systems for perception and action. With Matjaž Colnarič and Wolfgang A. Halang. In Preprints of the International Workshop on Mechatronical Computer Systems For Perception And Action, Halmstad, Sweden, pages 221--228, Halmstad, Sweden, June 1993. Halmstad University.
A tool for estimation of real-time process execution times. With Matjaž Colnarič. In Proceedings of Software Engineering for Real-Time Applications Workshop, pages 166--171, Cirencester, September 1993. IEE.
A tool for hard-real time task schedulability analysis.With Matjaž Colnarič. CASE6, Opatija 1994 (with M. Colnaric).
Programming and time analysis of hard real-time applications. With Matjaž Colnarič. ICECCS - WRTP95 - November 1995, Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA.
  The complete bibliography is available from the COBISS system.
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