About RTS lab
Laboratorij za
sisteme v realnem času

Research profile

The main research interest of the members of Laboratory of Real-Time Systems is design of embedded computer control systems operating in the hard real-time domain. Their main goal is to fulfill their tasks within predefined time frames. To guarrantee predictability which is necessary for that, we are in holistic way dealing with all layers involved in their design:
  • system, hardware and processor architectures,
  • real-time operating systems kernel,
  • adequate programming languages and compilers,
  • worst-case task program execution time analysis,
  • real-time application design,
  • their specifications, verification and validation, and
  • their safety-critical aspect.


Within the above profile we currently work on one EU project. We are also applying for new research and development projects, and are looking for industrial partners for applied projects.


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